ATL: this is Saturday!

"you ain’t shit if you ain’t neva struggled. Gotta put in hard work before you flex your muscles"-Domo Genesis

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"quirky" only exists in movies and TV. In real life, it’s just bein a weirdo and annoying everyone because you’re insecure.

wish I had an office job so i could show up extremely hungover and say, “ughh, Earth Day, amiright?”…also, it’d be nice to have the extra money.

you need to chill the fuck out, facebook

excited to announce that I’ll be making an exciting announcement as soon as I lower the bar for “exciting.”

haven’t had one, but there’s no way that “wheat berries” aren’t gross

it’s always someone that “friends” all of facebook who then turns around and threatens to trim their “friends” down to people who “truly care.” Please don’t unfriend me, dramatic person I don’t know!

thanks for the thumbs up, person who sent me this pic


On a crisp winter’s morn in 2013, I begrudgingly hiked up my opaque tights and slipped on a pair of ankle-strap flats for the fifth day in a row. In those few moments I had no idea that sad little pair of shoes I’d purchased at Cathy Jean would change my work life forever. I was near the filing…

new blog from a friend of mine chronicling the insane antics of her coworker, “the shoe lady”